Music Field Academy is a new initiative in the field of Masterclasses. We invite you to take lessons with the World's best musicians in a combination with learning the music business tools, necessary to foster a successful music career. You will learn how to present yourself on stage, how to make yourself visible in social media, concert stages and many more indispensable steps to make you conquer the world of classical music. 


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The Music Field Festival and Academy is a new initiative in the field of classical music education. We offer top-level masterclasses by internationally acclaimed professors in combination with workshops on career building.

Summer 2020 at Akoesticum Center in Ede, The Netherlands.

Date coming soon.


Violin, piano, viola, cello and double bass




  • Masterclasses of your choice

  • Workshops: 

Music Entrepreneurship( know how in the music business and practical things what you need to make music career)

Speaker ( how to present yourself on and offstage and make a good impression)

Artist Branding ( how to become visible on social media, make short but catchy promotion text etc.)

Jazz Improvisation for classical musicians ( learn together how to gain absolute freedom on stage, very handy in our new world full of mixes of classical music with improvisations)

  • Strings and piano ensembles 

Together we will play a different repertoire, from Mozart to Piazzolla. Strings and Strings with Soloists, Piano Ensemble and Piano Ensemble with Strings.

  • Faculty Concerts 

Concerts at Akoesticum Center and other venues. 

  • Yoga

Work on your mind and body! Daily Yoga practices.

  • Excursion

Come with us to a beautiful Dutch town, the name we keep a secret to make this more exciting.

  • Accommodation & Full board 

New facility Akoestcum Center unites possibility of concerts, practice space, accommodation and food. At beautiful surroundings next to the train station, easy to reach.






Spend a week with us full of masterclasses, workshops and fun elements at Akoesticum in Ede.

Training center for music, dance and theatre in the Netherlands. Host to a full range of national and international performers, from emerging talent to established artists.


In today's world being a successful professional musician requires knowledge of self-presentation on stage and thru social media, originality, and development of a unique identity. To create fascinating programmes we, musicians, have to explore different ways of music making, to widen our view by learning to improvise or playing in ensembles. 

Learn from the best and stay at one of the finest music places in The Netherlands.