Music Field Academy is a new initiative in the field of Masterclasses. We invite you to take lessons with the World's best musicians in a combination with learning the music business tools, necessary to foster a successful music career. You will learn how to present yourself on stage, how to make yourself visible in social media, concert stages and many more indispensable steps to make you conquer the world of classical music. 


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During the Academy we will form Music Fiels String Ensemble under the guidance of violinist Alexander Gilman, founder of LGT Young Soloists. 

The award-winning young string ensemble is made up of highly gifted young soloists aged 12 to 23 and brings together musicians from more than 15 nations. Together, the members of the LGT Young Soloists have won more than 80 prizes in national and international competitions.

The year 2018 will take the LGT Young Soloists to Hong Kong, Singapore, Belgrade, Zurich, Munich, Düsseldorf and London, among other cities, as well as to the Dresden Music Festival for the first time. The month of August will also see their second period in Mattsee, Austria, where audiences will be able to hear them perform as orchestra-in-residence at numerous concerts and public rehearsals. 


Music Field Academy String Ensemble will perform various Classical and Contemporary works during faculty concerts. The repertoire will be sent to participants in advance.


During the Academy we will form Music Field Academy Piano Ensemble. The Ensemble under guidance of pianist, composer Michael Bulychev-Okser, will perform Steve Reich work for 6 piano's as well as other works for multiple piano's. The music will be sent to participants in advance.

Music Field Academy Piano Ensemble will perform during faculty concerts.

Steve Reich 6 piano's. Photo taken during Akoesticum Talent Program by © Myrthe Lenselink


During the Academy we encourage making music together and invite all pianist to form a duo with instrumentalists. The lists of participants will be published in advance on secure personal mail.