Music Field Academy is a new initiative in the field of Masterclasses. We invite you to take lessons with the World's best musicians in a combination with learning the music business tools, necessary to foster a successful music career. You will learn how to present yourself on stage, how to make yourself visible in social media, concert stages and many more indispensable steps to make you conquer the world of classical music. 


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Speaker Academy : How to present yourself on stage

Michael Diederich :

 "Whether you worry about speaking in front of groups or you are at ease in front of an audience, I will help you find fun and (more) enjoyment in public presentations".


This masterclass will show you how to stay and rest when speaking in front of colleagues or strangers. It will improve your presentation skills and make you more comfortable in many situations.

Michael gives workshops to European top companies in presentation techniques and team building. He is a master of ceremonies par excellence and regularly hosts events for the Mobile Convention in Amsterdam and corporate events for PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, ABN AMRO, Norton Rose and the Expat Center Amsterdam.

Michael Diederich started his education at Wagner College in New York. In both New York and California he followed various (classical) singing, dance and game lessons from, among others, Beverly Marks, Stan Thomas Rose, David Castleberry, Lewis Hardee Kay Standifer. In 1993 he moved to the Netherlands and played in various musicals.

Besides playing it himself, he is also a sought-after director, stand up comedian, actor and he is andfounderForbiddaen Musicals". Michael was a cast member of Boom Chicago for years. He performed weekly for about 350 spectators at the Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam.