Music Field Academy is a new initiative in the field of Masterclasses. We invite you to take lessons with the World's best musicians in a combination with learning the music business tools, necessary to foster a successful music career. You will learn how to present yourself on stage, how to make yourself visible in social media, concert stages and many more indispensable steps to make you conquer the world of classical music. 


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Artist Branding : Positioning and Activating

Mike Weinberg is an enthusiastic ideas man and a great classical music enthusiast.

Today, with his retail agency Today's Team, he keeps his customers business growing through powerful ideas.


Positioning and Activating: Who are we as a musician and what are we going to tell? How do we get the audience in our camp and how do we ensure that we develop a lasting relationship with the listener? POSITING AND ACTIVATING during the lecture, Mike Weinberg tells us how to structure the thinking. Many musicians have an enormous amount of knowledge and creativity in house. Too much! As a result, ideas often become complex rather than clear and simple. Choosing and consistency are the key words from his lecture. What is a positioning? Where is the power of a music program? Which energies are there? What exactly is our service or product? Are we distinctive or is it not necessary? Who is our target group? Which promise suits us? What does the communication strategy look like? Mike Weinberg explains these questions by means of interesting cases. We will also examine issues within our own individual program during the lecture. Mike Weinberg does not avoid any question or discussion. That makes his reading dynamic and effective. Because not often does a group leave the room with an unambiguous mission, or communication promise!


Mike Weinberg is founder of Today Team. The successful communication agency that works for companies such as Albert Heijn, Phone House, Gall & Gall, ASR insurance, Telegraaf Media Groep, Bever outdoor, Nuon. Mike Weinberg won many professional prizes and is regularly invited to take part as a jury member at various national and international festivals.