Music Field Academy is a new initiative in the field of Masterclasses. We invite you to take lessons with the World's best musicians in a combination with learning the music business tools, necessary to foster a successful music career. You will learn how to present yourself on stage, how to make yourself visible in social media, concert stages and many more indispensable steps to make you conquer the world of classical music. 


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E: musicfield@aol.com

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General rules and information

Arrival at Music Field Academy: June 30th 

Welcome BBQ and Party: June 30th
Start masterclass/workshops: July 1th
Departure: July 8th morning



Every applicant will be informed within 3 weeks after applying whether she or he is accepted in the masterclass.

After approval and confirmation of your admittance, the full balance is due 5 weeks before the start of the course.

No guarantee can be made to hold any place open if the balance has not been paid by this time.

In case of cancellation after your confirmed admittance, fees will not be reimbursed after 02 June 2019. The application fee will not be rembursed.

Payment deadline Masterclass and Accommodation fee: 02 June 2019. 

Payment deadline Application fee: by registration.


Target Group:

Graduate and postgraduate or advanced undergraduates with performing experience.



The masterclass repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary music.



The repertoire for ensembles will be sent to participants two weeks before the start of the masterclass. Participation is upon request.


Course Language:


Application Requirements:

- Audio or Video recording

- CV

- Photo


Course Structure:

Lessons will be taught by one professor or by a pre-determined combination of professors.

MF Academy strives to fulfill requests for specific professors made in the application. 



Together with masterclasses, participants will receive additional learning opportunities in the form of workshops, lectures and improvisation session/masterclass. 

All supplementary workshops, lectures, and improvisation are included in the masterclass fee.



Excursion destination will be published on the website.



Music Field Academy concerts are the presentation platform for professors and participants of Music Field Academy, providing the opportunity to perform in public as part of its concerts. High artistic quality is required. Selections and final decisions regarding the invitation to perform are made by artistic directors MF Academy in consultation with MF Academy professors.



At the conclusion of their master classes, active participants will receive certificates confirming their participation in Music Field Academy.



Application fee: €150 (nonrefundable, in case of acceptance to the masterclass, the general fee will be diminished by €150)

Masterclass fee: €950,- ( Early Bird fee until 15 May 2019 = € 750 )


the Masterclass fee includes:

- 3 lessons

- all workshops 

- Yoga

- excursion 

- free admission to all concerts

- possible participation in ensembles


Accommodation and Full Board:

The Accommodation is at the Akoesticum Center, the home of Music Field Academy. Unique location with all facilities in one place. 

2-4 single beds per room each with shower and toilet, all non-smoking rooms and ensuite bathrooms. You will be provided with bed linen upon arrival to make your own bed. Towels included.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Tea/Coffee is included. €250


Accommodation fee: €450



Participants are responsible for making and paying for their own travel arrangements. Akoesticum Center, Music Field Academy is located in Ede, The Netherlands, in front of the Railway Station Ede-Wageningen and can be easily reached by train from Airport Schiphol.


Extra privet lessons:

When the participant is younger than 16 years old and can not attend a full week Music Field Academy it is possible to arrange privet lessons with professors on 2 and 4 July. For the price and time please contact our office at musicfield@aol.com

For the participants of Music Field Academy, it is also possible to book extra lessons upon request. For discounted price contact the office.



Publication & promotion:

Music Field Academy holds the right to publish name, logo, portrait, and biography of the participant for the promotion and publicity of the Music Field Academy, as well as for any related activities. The Participant will supply MFA with an up to date biography and photos at least one month in advance. 



Music Field Academy holds the right to record, make photographs, publish and/or broadcast the student concerts, as well as to grant the rights to any third party. Music Field Academy will notify the Participant beforehand of any recordings and/or broadcasts. No additional fee or compensation is due to the Participant for any recordings or broadcasts that may occur. 


Cancellation policy:

Music Field Academy will have the unilateral right to cancel the event in case any of the below occurs:

  • The enrolment of students for the programme is deemed insufficient, resulting in partial or complete cancellation of masterclass(-es)


Cancellation policy for the participant:

From 02 June 2019 the masterclass and accommodation fee can only be reimbursed in proven cases of force majeure ( e.g. illness, death in the family, accident, etc.). The application fee will not be refunded in any case.